So, I've been hearing a lot about Mason Pearson brushes over the last couple of years. After an early 20s glut of purchasing beautifully packaged makeup I didn't need or use, these days I try not to buy new beauty products unless I've researched them thoroughly and have come to the conclusion that they will be frequently used, and make my morning routine a little more happy and luxurious. So far the list of items that fall under this category are Smith's rosebud salve, Nuxe body oil, Avene thermal water spray, a drugstore eyelash curler and Dior mini mascara. A NARS blush and MAC powder might enter the picture if I'm going out in the evening. Anyway, I kept seeing seemingly genuine, unsponsored praise of MP brushes in interviews with models, stylists and beauty bloggers, and any product that has remained popular and unchanged since the early 1900s is worthy of investigation. To cut a long story short, I decided to try out the "Handy" model with boar and nylon bristles, and ended up purchasing it from a beauty clearance site that ships within Canada (hooray!).

My hair now feels like this:

I don't know which model this is, but I suspect an MP brush may have been used before the photo was taken...

Honestly, it's good. Feels strangely light in your hand at first and the cushion effect takes some getting used to, but I suddenly feel like an Edwardian lady sitting at a dressing table in a flowing robe, preparing to put my hair up just so. Never mind that Edwardian ladies had maids putting it up for them. It's a pleasant illusion at 7 am en route to a lecture theatre...

Do you have an MP brush? What do you think?

1st photo: mine; 2nd photo: black elephants



Creations from the Rodarte archives, as inhabited by Dorte Limkilde, Ondria Hardin and Carrie-Anne Burton, were shot by Nan Goldin for the f/w issue of Grey Magazine. Rodarte designs often seem to me to have a life of their own - it's a treat to see pieces from previous years cavorting around the Chateau Marmont. Lovely styling by Valentina Illardi Martin. Scroll through the Rodarte tumblr for more...

PS. It's been four years, and I'm still obsessed with the spiky pumps...

PPS. We now have a 50s stove like the one Carrie-Anne Burton is boiling the kettle on above! A. spotted it at a junk shop and now it sits, gleaming and perfectly functional, in our kitchen, silently encouraging me to bake more.

 Photos: fashion gone rogue


french riviera

L'Wren Scott has been making the best dresses for tall girls for a while - timeless and very sexy. I don't tend to associate her designs with prints, but this 30s style gown worn by Shailene Woodley to the SAGs was so beautiful that I hope she uses them more. It's been a while since I've liked a red carpet look this much. The sky blue, with pops of red, and that gorgeous bias cut... I'm happy she went with minimalist makeup and no jewelry. She looks the epitome of spring. 

Or am I too much of a marimekko addict?

Photos: wireimage, style.com


arizona and aymeline

We're back from Australia and straight into the midst of University applications. It is difficult for me to ignore Paris fashion week, but in February I'll be done with applications and able to enjoy images of the collections. I couldn't resist posting these two from Dior though! On the flight from Sydney to Singapore, I watched L'amour Fou - these exquisite dresses remind me of the early part of YSL's career, when he was assistant to Monsieur Dior.

Photos via L'express.fr


on the road

In two weeks we're heading to Australia to explore Sydney and Melbourne, rock climb, and visit family in Adelaide. I haven't been back for a couple of years, and A has never been, so it's the perfect way to close a crazy year. Before leaving, both of us have a small mountain of schoolwork to get through, so I'm signing off here... Have a wonderful holiday/New Year, and I'll see you in 2012!

Photo: Twelve Apostles, Melbourne