appearing knightley

Keira Knightley is stunning. I'm not exactly sure what it is that makes her so gorgeous, but she has really grown on me. She isn't classically beautiful like many other actresses, but manages to hold her own with a unique mix of quirky, strong and sexy. I think the pout helps too... These pics were in the NY Times Fall Style Magazine.


Anonymous said...

on a whim, i decided to check out your earliest posts. i have to agree, keira has grown on me as well. at first i didn't think much of her b/c she was cast as natalie portman's decoy (in star wars) on more levels than one. but as time progressed, similiarites in looks are all they share. while natalie (in my opinion) tries to present a pretentious, sophisticate image (undeservingly so, since she has proven herself otherwise in all too many instances, especially those regarding her speech.."I don't want to ever be working for money because then you are no different to a prostitute"...while she does overseas japanese shampoo ads), keira relishes in her cockney humility. keira doesn't pretend to be something she can't pull off and it's really nice to see someone so refreshingly candid and unassuming. so personality-wise, she wins me over.
p.s. just realized you had a recent post on nat and it seems like you're a fan of hers so i'm sorry if this comment is offensive. :-(

Unknown said...

So THAAAAAT'S where you get that classic Adeleine pout. Reading through these archives is like a very cryptic textbook of your life!