dark angel

Happy Halloween everyone... In yesterday's NY Times, there was an article on the growing popularity of gothic style. Even stylish girls who may not dress as goths 24/7 are choosing to wear more black, victoriana, combat boots and the like.

I found a few items on anthropologie that lend themselves to this trend:

My favourite way to do noir (unless you're a hardcore goth) is to pair a dark item that is embellished with lace, ruffles etc. (i.e. distinguishable from the average black top, skirt or coat) with a lighter, more simple item of clothing. For instance the skirt above, with a plain blue silk cami. And those jet black Victorian earrings. Or, black pants, sleevless top, and the sheer jacket above. Voila, elegant nocturne!

These designs by Zero Maria Cornejo also embody the goth-chic look:

I'd wear these with tall boots, or combats. Some kind of jet bracelet, or byzantine cuff would look great with the dress.

Enjoy the night!