There is no doubt that trench coats are one of the classier modes of outerwear for women. The coat was originally designed by Burberry to be worn by soldiers- so the style is in keeping with this year's military trend as well. Trenchcoats are an instant glamifier- regardless of body shape, the belted waist, upturned collar, and resulting appearance of casual sophistication instantly transforms a woman from average looking to femme fatale. The black trench has been touted as the latest and most popular in the family tree, now that everyone seems to have a khaki one. Both colours look fantastic, as can be seen in the following pictures. I am generally khaki-phobic when it comes to clothing, but trench coats are a definite exception...

Diane Kruger, Connie Nielsen, Dasha

Update: Angelina Jolie looking drop dead gorgeous in a black trench (27 Nov.)
images: NY Times, getty, style

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Anonymous said...

Trench coats are a classic wardrope staple. And you will always look put together in a good black trench.