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The world of couture is reserved for princesses and socialites (and inexplicably, Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City)- the only people who can afford the fantastical apparel and accoutrements created by the worlds most prestigous designers. However, this doesn't stop us impecunious fashionistas from dreaming of owning our very own couture gown.

Well, hauterflies are in luck. A new kind of haute apparel called demi-couture is gaining popularity on the fashion scene, particularly with fashionistas who desire clothing that embodies the hallmarks of couture: small, exquisite details, a custom cut and fit, special fabrics etc., but is (slightly) less pricy. Of course, seeing as this is "somewhere between the rarefied world of couture and regular designer-wear", it will still cost quite a bit of cash. Oh well, at least this means that couture is available to a marginally wider range of people... There is a write up of demi-couture on the Harvey Nicks website (the image above is from the article- those Louboutin heels are on my dream Christmas list!):

Carrie Bradshaw's exquisite Versace couture gown:

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