les costumes historiques

I have always been mesmerized by hstorical costumes worn in films, and have spent a ridiculous amount of time rewatching period dramas, just to admire and take notes on the actor's exquisite coverings.So, if you also enjoy movie costumes, please vote on one of the following!

Favourite costume?
Elizabeth's blue dress with pink sash {Elizabeth}
Danielle's angel gown {Ever After}
Mina's bustle gown- red in the film {Dracula}
Tatyana's gold empress dress {Onegin}
Masked Margot's blue front lacing gown {La Reine M}
Satine's red satin gown {Moulin Rouge}
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n.b. my next poll will include more international films!

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elena said...

Great films all of them and great costumes too. If you love movie costumes maybe you like watching these films: "Juana la Loca" de Vicente Aranda, "El perro del hortelano" de Pilar Miró (Spanish films) and "Tous les matins du monde", this one is French. All are great films set in the 16th century.