modern maharani

I've been in love with Indian clothing for as long as I can remember. There is something magical about women wrapped in vivid silk sarees, intricately embroidered kurtas, or an elegant salwar kameez. Indian accessories are equally spectacular: gold or silver bangles, anklets, necklaces and earrings ranging from simple to impossibly ornate... Of course, although traditional Indian clothing is gorgeous, it is not always practical for modern working women. I'm always on the lookout for Indian inspired apparel, so I was really excited to discover the label Nikka, a collection of stunning embellished pieces designed in NY, and handmade in India.

Nikka Beaded Tunic:

Nikka Medallion Top:

Nikka Bolero Top:

Pia Hallstrom offers a range of embellished tops that look great over jeans- wear with long gold or silver Indian earrings! This creates an exotic and dramatic look, but isn't too fancy for everyday activities. I have a long kaftan very similar to the red one below, and everytime I wear it, people stop to ask where I found it.

Monsoon has a selection of gorgeous tops, skirts and dresses:


elena said...

beautiful!! I love the medallion tunic of Nikka and the white skirt at the end.

Hijabi Apprentice said...

i share you affinity for indian clothing and accessories! i have an ever growing collection of saris, salwar khamees but my favorite is the lenghas! nice post.