flat et froid

Chanel's spring couture collection was très frigide- I like that Karl Lagerfeld stuck with the signature black and white, however, the moulded skirts and flat booties didn't work for me at all. Also, the models looked like corpses with their pale, blue tinged faces. Despite the clothing though, the show had a few inspired details- the enormous glass encased venue for one, with a spiral staircase for the models to descend, and I loved that the frozen guests were provided with Chanel thermal blankets and thermoses filled with hot jasmine tea. But my favourite part of the show was Amira Casar's outfit. Houndstooth coat, fishnets and killer Prada booties. A much better take on black and white than the runway pieces.

Oh, and Karl was wearing ugg boots. Priceless.


JT said...

Oh man, I lurved his collection :(

Anyway, Amira Casar's outfit is tres cool. Esp in love with the houndstooth. But I'm disgusted by Avril Lavingne's appearance at the show.

la femme said...

I'm glad you liked his collection- fashion would be very dull if we all agreed on the same styles!