eminence rouge

Sonia Rykiel, the WWD crowned Queen of Knitwear is one of my favourite designers of all time- she is like a Parisienne version of Vivienne Westwood (red hair included). I've been coveting one of her trademark stripy pullover sweaters for years, however, knitwear aside, I'm more in love with the accessories from her fall/06 collection than the clothing.

The fab booties at left look similar to the MJ ones I posted about earlier. I love the Victorian style strap and button closure on both shoes...

This knitted sling bag is so perfect for spring- I love how the rose embellishments, in combination with the noir colour make it feminine but not girly (note the model is wearing black gloves- this is Parisian chic, NOT boho chic!).

The best part though, was the overall look of the models. Everything from their voluminous hair, soft makeup, smiles, and the roses that were tucked all over contributed to a sexy and sweet appearance with a hint of Parisian slyness (this is Sonia Rykiel after all...)

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Anonymous said...

The comparison between Sonia Rykiel & Vivienne Westwood makes me smile... :) That's not so wrong... And, she's one of my favorite designers too !