la maîtresse

Oh, how I love The Daily... they managed to get a moment with one of my style icons- stunning actress Kristin Scott Thomas- at the YSL fall /06 show (if you don't know who she is, then run, don't walk to the video store and rent Four Weddings and a Funeral or Gosford Park)...

What do you think of the pink? [Looking around] It’s pretty. It’s actually quite pretty I must say.
(pink to which they are alluding →)

Tell us about your current projects…
I’ve just wrapped a film called The Walker with Woody Allen and Paul Schneider.

Excellent! What role do you play?
I’m a politician’s wife.

Aha. Do you think YSL would have been suitable for your character to wear in the film?
I don’t think in this particular case. It’d have to be a politician’s wife with taste, which doesn’t exist.


Hmm... unfortunately short, but you don't hear from her often, so it's good enough for me.


la chipie said...

oh! I'm a huge fan , can't wait to see the walker!

TessaJ said...

I love her, and that is such a gorgeous photo!