une question pour vous

Inspired by yesterday's post on Says the Asian Leprechaun, I have a frivolous question for all you fashionable blog readers- just what do you carry in your handbags?

Update: If you want to see what French girls carry around in their bags every day, there is a blog devotedly entirely to this topic. Merci lady for the link!


Anonymous said...

money, a bottle of dior pure poison, hairspray, extra pair of black tights, lipstick, lots more

New Yorkaise said...

In the Mulberry tote -
1. April 2006 American Vogue
2. Binder for Accy 202 and Fin 221
3. Pink highlighter
4. Marlboro Lights
5. White lighter for good luck
6. Mom's wallet from the 70s
7. Black Cosabella thong...? I have no idea...
8. Fiji bottle
9. Cell phone
10. Orbit gum
11. Keys to the Slavic library

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think you will love this link (in french) : this is a blog only about what's in girls' & men's bags. You can even send your own pic !

Anonymous said...

Well, most of them aren't very "fashionable", but I think it's funny !

la femme said...

liza: the contents of our bags are very similar, right down to the textbooks and Fiji water- I don't, however, have keys to a Slavic library- that sounds intriguing...

lady: merci beaucoup!

Anonymous said...

Inside my purse there are:
. cell phone
. palm top
. book (Breakfast at Tifany - in Portuguese - I am Brazilian
. sun glasses
. sun block
. pills
. mirror
. tooth brush


Anonymous said...

In my longchamp tote:

reading material
diet dr.pepper or water
snakeskin wallet
ricola drops or mints
smith's rosebud salve
rayban sunglasses

Rebecca Lander said...

dior sunglasses

Julia said...

In my little Fendi bag at the moment:

Gum and fruit mints
A Versace button
Cards and drivers license
A lottery ticket from December
A guy's card that I wrote a recipe for mini meat pies on the back of

Anonymous said...

1. cell phone
2. men's wallet - they are smaller, I like that
3. duwop lip gloss
4. handcream
5. book - right now it's Ringworld by Larry Niven(i'm a geek, cut me some slack)
6. sunglasses - no name brand unfortunately i lose them all the time so I don't spend money on them
7. Ipod
8. Nail file and clippers
9. carmex lip balm
10. listerine coolmint pocketpacks
11. advil
12. pen
13. pocket calender
14. occasionally you can find my digital camera. I don't carry it around enough though

ANA said...

a lip gloss,a lip liner and a lip color
a small hairbrush
listerine pocket paks
a pack of marlboro regulars
a lighter
ipod and cell phone
a small notepad(if the bag permits)
and a pen

Anonymous said...

daily planner, stila lipgloss, wallet, ipod, marc jacobs compact, some loose change, a pen, two rings, and a mini tape measure-very random.

i love that french blog! its so cute.

Unknown said...

i, being on the go and very annoyed with those who carry in excess, grab only 1) cell phone 2) wallet 3) compacted mirror (no foundation) 4) tissues 5) 1-2 pens and 6) keys, which are never attached to some massive charm or other cute accessory item

with my relocation to paris in the fall, i think i'm going to add on an agenda book or some form or another...