over the rainbow

The Sartorialist posted this candid earlier today. I love it when people wear head to toe colour like this! Her outfit reminds me of my favourite contemporary Dutch label Oilily. Very colourful and chic. Black is definitely the constant in my wardrobe, but I'm getting inspired to wear a little more colour this spring.


ANA said...

if u like this u shud check out manish arora's collections,n indian designer,im not a big fan of color,just sport them in moderation,

Anonymous said...

This colourful outfit reminds me Betsey Johnson.
Bold and daring

Anonymous said...

Ooh la love.

My outfit on my worse day puts her to shame. Why doesn't anyone trackback my photoblogs of my outfits? Is it my faux Paris Hilton pose? Do I need to sneak my digi cam in the photo, slouch, have worse lighting, and a couple more pounds to my name?

I love my hypey rants pre-soy latte.