asobi seksu

Asobi Seksu's latest album, Citrus, was released today and although I like the music, ("eleven slices of guitar-swirling, sweet-and-sour, bilingual dream pop"), the indie group is being discussed here for the sole reason that lead singer Yuki has superior taste in coats. I know it's summer and not exactly the time for coats, but I can't help it- they are up there with boots on my favourites list. This candy stripe one is my favourite, but visit their website for style ideas and beautiful graphics.

via: no good for me

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visionsofwarsaw said...

Thank you soooo much for reminding me of this band. I've added them to my myspace list some time ago but i have never seen their photos. The coat is magical!it looks like im gonna spend a few evenings browsing through their website for style ideas;)