blame it on toto

Alors, you may have noticed that La Femme's entries have been intermittant of late... je suis désolé... however, there are a few excuses for this which I hope that you, dear reader, will understand (particularly number 3):

1. I am très busy planning a trip for August (which I will blog about, so you will in effect be coming with me). If you want to. Which, believe me you will.

2. I am très, très busy working to fund said trip.

3. I have been looking after a puppy (Toto) who is distracting in the extreme- every time I sit down to write about stylish things, two tiny paws and a little black head appear at my knees and I am forced to play tug of war with socks. Honestly, I am so used to living with a cat who is the male, furry version of Anna Wintour (i.e. not cuddly) that I can barely cope with all this unconditional affection.
It has sapped my blogging energy, I tell you.

But not for long! I'll be updating regularly very soon. In the meantime, if you are new to La Femme, don't forget to check the archives!


Anonymous said...

He looks super cute ! What kind of dog is that ?

Julia said...

That is a gorgeous photo of you, and Toto is soooo cute! I can't wait to hear about your trip - wish ours coincided!

la chipie said...

pretty picture .

la femme said...

Lady: I think she is a "pomapoo".

Julia: Thank you! re: trip- I wish that too! It seems like a number of bloggers are heading to Europe this summer- but at different times.

la chipie: merci!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo!

Unknown said...

what a lovely self-portrait! you could be a model! where were girls like you when i was a photography student back in college trying find people to pose as subjects?!

btw, your dog is adorable!

Yvan Rodic said...

You are a Beautiful Busy Femme.

la femme said...

Merci all!

Gotham Addict said...

I thought of you on Saturday night as I had dinner at Malatesta Trattoria in New York and who should be sitting at the next table talking to a girlfriend?

None other than Heidi Klum! And she was eating!! She even split desert!!!

Models look so different in real life that it took me a while to recognize her. I wish I had had a camera and the courage to disturb her so I could take a picture for your blog.

la femme said...

Very cool gotham addict!

Thanks for thinking of moi.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I thought "she" was a "he"... I should have misunderstood... :-|

Anonymous said...

hey there! hi from anina.net

i was wondering...you are really so beautiful...are you modeling? are you living in paris?

la femme said...

Bonjour Anina-

Thanks for stopping by... and thanks for the compliment. I sent you an email but in the meantime, the answer is 'almost yes' to both questions. I am just getting started modeling, and I am saving to move to Paris asap.

Merci Beaucoup!