sydney style

This was one of my favourite oufits from Austalian Fashion Week- on their own neither piece really grabs my attention, but together, the combination of cleanly cut black and white dress and tangerine heels is unexpected and very chic- like a funky french maid. I never thought I would say that about orange shoes, but there you go. The designer is Kirrily Johnston and Vogue UK reports that her collection has been bought up internationally, so look out for these dresses and criss-cross heels soon.
I also loved these three ensembles-

Can't you just imagine Cate Blanchett in that white silk sheath?


Unknown said...

cate would look great in anything, lucky her.

la chipie said...

the dress also reminded me of a past white'' sartorialist'' dress. Cool clothes , in any case though.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

those shoes, and that collar! school girl with a touch of crazy hip!

Julia said...

Kirrily was probably my favourite from AFW as well. It's expensive though, which is probably good for my wallet as it's completely my style and I could buy the whole collection. The little jackets were adorable too.