once upon a time...

Pumpkin transport, ballgowns, and embroidered shoes came to mind when I saw these charming "carriage" earrings from Atelier VM. I know, I know, I'm supposed to have outgrown the Cinderella fairy tale by now, but I haven't. Hopefully never will. Anyways, I love whimsical accessories like this, particularly when they are affordable for those of us not [yet] married to princes. Available at Creatures of Comfort.


Anonymous said...

Outgrowing things is no fun, never growing up is the new black. Or something like that, its a good idea at any rate, Cinders.

Sissy said...

Absolutely wonderful earrings! I HAVE to buy them! Besides, the Cinderella fairy tale has always been my favourite!

Anonymous said...

I just made some beautiful fairytale earring and pendant sets with vintage glass and gems:

Citrine Briolettes

Garnet Briolettes