conversations with my mother part III

Scene: phone conversation- she is visiting America, I'm in Toronto.

Mutti: Hey giraffe, guess what, I found a pair of pants down here! They have a belt of some sort attached, and you know how belts rarely work on me, but these look great on, and only cost $18, so I decided to pick them up.

(concept of mother buying clothing is very exciting for me, so I try to respond with tremendous enthusiasm)

Moi: Oooh. That's great! I can't wait to see them. You know, you can always get pants that cost more than $18. I mean it is worth it if you are going to wear them a lot right?

(I should note that my mother is not cheap in the slightest- she just doesn't see the point in spending money on clothing)

Mutti: Hmmm. Yes, but why would you? I mean, no one needs clothing that costs more than $20. It's silly really.

Moi: Uhhh. (Deciding now is not the time to propose using her credit card to purchase items in the online saks sale.)

Mutti: ...anyway, it is time to cull my closet a little. You know how I try to maintain an "in-out" system. (this means that if something comes into her closet, something must go out. She owns roughly 8 items of clothing in total. All of her worldy possessions could fit in a cardboard box.).

Moi (with utmost affection): Yes, I know you psycho anti-materialist.

Mutti: [Laughs] I got something that you will be excited about though- sport socks! Tons of them. Black ones and white ones, and expensive ones with special padding for running.

Moi: Delightful. Mum, couldn't you bring back stuff like... oh, I don't know, YSL booties, a Vanessa Bruno dress.... SOMETHING overpriced and fabulous that I can't wear to the gym?

Mutti: Just you wait, you're going to be begging to steal some of these sport socks.

Moi: Uh huh.

Mutti: Sometimes I wonder how I ended up with a fashionista daughter.

Moi: Je ne sais pas.

Mutti: Mais, je t'aime.

Moi: Je t'aime aussi. Though you are fashionably hopeless.

Mutti: Thank God!

My mum and her beloved cow in India. Needless to say, designer clothes weren't a big part of my upbringing :) She is an expert though on the salwar kameez.


la femme said...

To our mums indeed...


Anonymous said...

I love your mom stories. She sounds like a very cool lady.

Frapp said...

Hahaha! Any idea where you got your love of fashion?

WWND said...

Love this pic of your mom and her cow. I've been to India several times, my favorite place was Ajmer, so very pretty, Delhi was ok, Calcutta/Kolkata was always very dirty. I haven't visited in the last 6 years though, so I am sure many things have changed.
Among my limited travels, I liked Singapore immensely, maybe I'll live there someday. :D
BTW, how would you get Saks to ship to Toronto if you order online, thought they don't ship internationally?

la femme said...

geekigirl: Thanks- she is. Not if you are proposing spending too much $ on clothing though!

frapp: haha, no idea.

wwnd: Wow, it sounds like you have travelled a lot.
My mom's partner lives in the US, so I ship to her house.

Thanks for the comments xx

Anonymous said...

i wish my mother was as cool as yours. although i have to say my dear mutti buys me pretty clothes. more stories please!

Julia said...

Brilliant! More of these snippets, please!

New Yorkaise said...

Loooove the photo and your mom. You two are too cute.

Isabel said...

That is such a good story!

Anonymous said...

I just love that pic of your mother! Is she available?????

Anonymous said...

so funny and cool
whjy do you two speak french to each other (well say some words?

Anonymous said...

why do you say some words in french when you speak to each other?

Unknown said...

i can relate to that!! so nice and humble.