lemon on level nine

Even Kate Moss at Glastonbury couldn't make Wellies look this good. I love femmes like this- the kind that don all white to a terrace party at Printemps and bypass the flats or booties or whatever we are supposed to be pairing with leggings this month and elect instead to plunk on a pair of lemon Wellies. Gorgeous.

{from the facehunter- 9th floor of Printemps in Paris}


thetiniestspark said...

::swoon!:: i bought this fantastic pair of neon blue knee-length wellies in this thrift shop here in phoenix, which is probably the definition of silly since it rains maybe 3x/year here, but alas...they seemed OH so necessary and chic at the time. and i love them all the same.

to wellies!

la femme said...

Oooh. Those sound awesome.

Haha- wellies in Arizona... I want a pic of you wearing them out in the desert!

Anonymous said...

done and DONE. oh wait, damn, i brought them home to chicago over xmas... how bout a picture of me wearing them in chicago in october? does that still thrill? HELLO THEY'RE NEON.

-kira (for some reason this won't let me log in as tiniestspark, gah)

elena said...


T.T. said...

Fantastic post, and fantastic look! Your blog is so great, and the face hunter too ! Kisses !