on the morrow then...

Three words:


I'm finding it difficult to sit down and compose a legible entry about my past three days in Paris, because there is so much to do here, and whenever I attempt to write something, the only words I am able to muster are variations of "ooh la la!". Alors, tomorrow I will force myself to sit down and write a proper entry about this trip to the The City of Lights.

Thanks for visiting La Femme despite my absence- if you have sent me your address, a postcard is, or will soon be in the mail.

N.B. La Coquette is quite right about the prevalence of white shoes at La Perle. No sign of absinthe though.

N.B.2. Aargh. I'm not quite used to the computers here and accidentally deleted all of your comments for this post- thank you so much for leaving them- I am thinking of you in Paris!

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about you... I wish I could be in your shoes right now! Don't waste too much time blogging... enjoy your experience.