blotted down under

La Femme (aka 'Ms. Tyson') is quoted in an article entitled "Cool hunting on the web" that was published in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age (pg. 3). The eurobrat was also featured in Canada's National Post earlier in September.

In case you are in Australia, and bought one, or both of these papers last Thursday, could you possibly send me a scan? Thanks!

nb. The articles say I am Paris based, which is [woefully] not the case.


Rebelle said...

Interesting article. I like what you had to say about the immediacy of blogs and the ability to communicate and get feedback from your readers. More and more I just buy fashion mags for the editorials and advertisements. It's not the same looking at scans online. But for trends blogs are more current.

Julia said...

You continue to rock. What a shame I missed that day's paper! I agree 100% with what rebelle says, your words were spot-on. I so wish I could take you for a celebratory champers right now!

Mademoiselle said...

Felicitations !!

la femme said...

rebelle: Thanks, and I agree.

julia: I am so ready to hop on a plane and meet you for champers- when are they going to invent that super fast jet that you were writing about in the summer? This is the perfect occasion for it!

mademoiselle: merci!