don't be dead!

The instructional notice that greeted models as they prepared to step onto the runway for Erin Fetherston at NY Fashion Week:

This is going to be my mantra tomorrow.

*fashionologie posted another EF runway sign.


Julia said...

I love those backstage mantras. My favourite at the bottom of one from Dior was: THIS IS YOUR ONE CHANCE - DON'T GET IT WRONG!!!!


Anonymous said...

There's something about you that makes me feel you are different. Somebody told me this some time ago and made me feel like I had to say it if I came across any of those especial persons. Because it felt good knowing that someone else noticed it.

Congratulations for your blog.

I've decided to post this annonymous because people can ask me: "And why don't you tell ME that I'm especial?"

Anonymous said...

I like the "Don't Be Dead" the best. That is my new life goal.

The Glossy Editor said...

Spotted Erin Fetherston in Paris last week. She's adorable and seemingly quite unpretentious in person. Show was cute too!

Gillian Young said...
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Anonymous said...


Siobhan said...

so welcoming

Anonymous said...

Don't be dead is fantastic....maybe because lots of the models are ridiculously skinny.


Anonymous said...

I love 'don't be dead.' Makes me picture zombie models.

Anonymous said...

La Femme, here is a sign you should watch for because...

If you walk to the music of the runway:
you can't leap over the dead to the living;
you can't stroll with the old woman in purple;
you can't march with the soldiers of April;
you can't creep with the cats in the alley;
you can't flee from the four horsemen coming;
you can't reach the pale hand of the helpless;
you can't swim in the sea of no sorrow;
you can't frolic in the fantasies of a young girl;
yor can't chase the yearning dream of a lover;
you can't dance with the man who will hold you.