he had me at "o"

"He" being photographer Serge Leblon, and "O" being the bright repeating motif of Kiera's mouth in this stunning cover for 10 Magazine. (A male friend recently informed me that he thinks she looks like a blow up doll, but I hope I'm drawn to the photos for more aesthetic reasons).

The editorial within is equally pop-future-fabulous, but these two shots are my favourites.

The neon colours and stark futurism of the Kiera shoot remind me of Rei Kawakubo's beautifully lit finale for Comme des Garçons at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month:

See the rest of the 10 Magazine editorial here.

images: FAD, SHOWstudio


Bobble Bee said...

This season is giving us a lot of amazing fashion editorials! check out for Lula as well

Anonymous said...

saw the pics and found them amazing, is incredible but i hardly recognized keira in this shot...

Parisbreakfasts said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo!!