the new black

Noir nail polish is all the rage for femmes (in fact, Chanel has sold out of their latest black varnish), but should guys be painting their nails too?

Above is Chris of Nylon Magazine....... opinions?

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Julia said...

I love dark dark nailpolish, but not true black. I like when in the light you catch a sparkle of red, or aubergine (as I have on now with OPI Lincoln Park After Dark). In fact I mixed black with a touch of red a few months before Chanel brought out Vamp, and friends were asking for bottles of my concoction even after Vamp's release (well, it did sell out in minutes).

As for guys in nail polish, there's a comedian here who has become infamous for it, Will Anderson, and it really suits him.

Anonymous said...

I took my motorcycle in to the shop for repairs. When I squared up with the mechanic I noticed his fingernails were black, a greasy black. Not much different from my own after I planted another tree in my yard (I love trees), though mine were more an earthen black. The point is its nothing new. Different men blacken their fingernails in different ways and should be able to do it any way they want.

la femme said...

julia: you vamp.

j: where on the planet is your tree filled yard?