zut alors!

Blogger doesn't seem to like the pictures in my posts and has refused to publish them since yesterday- hopefully we will have kissed and made up by this evening. Check back soon for updates!

xx A

Update: 12 Oct- Double merde! I'm still not able to upload pictures to blogger. A special forces task team is on the way (computer genius type friend) and hopefully everything will be working soon...

In the meantime, I leave you with Tom Ford is Missing, a two minute clip starring starring Elise, Karen, Liya, MariaCarla, Helena, Hana, Daria, Erin, and La Reine Carine.

source: midnight


Anonymous said...

A little jazz rif for la Femme in her time of computor angst:

Do I miss you at all?
Were you where you want to be;
are you what you were to me?
Do you miss me at all?

ah da-da da-da
ah da-da da-da
ah da-da da-da
ah da-da da-da

Do I need you at all?
Were you where you've ever been;
will you never be back again?
Do you need me at all?

ah da-da da-da
ah da-da da-da
ah da-da da-da
ah da-da da-da

Do I want you at all?
Were you what you really seem;
or were you but a silly dream?
Do you want me at all?

ah da-da da-da
ah da-da da-da
ah da-da da-da
ah da-da da-da

. ABOUT FASHION . said...

You're not the only one who's having problem in uploading some images. I spent the whole morning trying to put some images on my post!


Torontostreetfashion.com said...

I can't upload either:( It's been days and I'm just hoping it will change as time passes....what to do, what to do...

Anonymous said...

Can you not upload them to flickr then deep link them? I do that when our image uploading goes down...

At any rate, hope its all fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

And we thought those days were over. That clip is beautiful. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The video is fascinating, but creepy. These seem to be well dressed, but ill constituted human beings that have an inner tension they need to discharge in harmful, self-destructive acts.

But why does la Femme show us this? Could it be she imagines herself one of these characters? If so, I suspect these people are downloading downers because they have been betrayed by Blogger and are consumed by computor angst (are you OK la Femme?)

J xxx said...

doesn't this oddly sound like the macarena ?

persuazn said...

I love Hana &hearts