from the mouths of kennedys

Cory Kennedy doesn't do much for me, but she sure has this right:

*and she is wearing mini robot's Jeremy Scott dress.


Anonymous said...

You said it sister.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear. Cory is beyond overrated but her bag speaks the truth.

Anonymous said...

No kidding!

Jesse Markowitz said...

Yeah, but the cold, hard, empty stare from your financial statement is a real trigger of depression!

Ella Gregory said...

hahaha it cures mine

Anonymous said...

We watch la Femme. She is wearing an ochroid thrift castoff with a fluid Italian hem. She dances. Dances and dances, dances to an aurulent crescendo as if dancing with Maenads. The evening dissolves away and vanishes, but she is part of its gaity and light-heartedness, its youthful ardor and abounding action. She lives less in it then it lives in her.

Tomorrow she will take the train and hike to Mont St. Michel were she shall be kissed by what is etched on the wall:
"Salve, Mater Salvatoris!
Vas electum! Vas honoris!
Vas coelestis Gratiae!
Ab aeterno Vas provisum!
Vas insigne! Vas excisum
Manu sapientiae!"

"La Femme", I say, "tomorrow there is a sale at Printemps", but she dismisses me.
"j, retail therapy is not proscribed for the life lived".

Anonymous said...

embarrasingly true.