the little mermaid

All grown up.
With the exception of Lacroix (whose dizzying confections usually transport me to a colourful dreamworld), I don't follow Paris Couture Week very closely. I prefer subtlety in most forms of apparel, and couture tends to be so overwhelmingly ornate that I end up diving into Swedish minimalist design books in a sparkly tulle induced panic. That said, several of Riccardo Tisci's gowns for Givenchy this season were the epitome of understated gothic mystère*. I happen to also have a slight obsession with merpeople, so when Tisci described this collection as illustrating the "metamorphosis of sailors into mermaids" he had my undivided attention... Flavia's dress (above) is my favourite. The wet and misty staging must have been extraordinary to see in person...

Do you have any couture week favourites?

*enormous bobble sailor hats excluded


Anonymous said...

i like Felipe Oliveira Baptista collection and some looks of Cathy Pill show

Lana said...

Like the dress too !

The Glossy Editor said...

It borders on something cinematic- truly stunning. I also love the Boudicca show...and that they were "allowed" to join the cloistered couture week roster.

Maddy said...

For me, couture is more about detail and craftsmanship than drama. Thusly, I adored Armani's relatively understated showing.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit of a traditionalist, so my favorite this season was Armani Prive.

What's Haute said...

that gown is gorgeous!

Carissa Duhamel said...

Givenchy was also beautiful. It was costume, for sure, but not as Broadway sparkle-y as the majority of couture.

Unknown said...

I usually prefer to wear nothing at all during couture week.

j said...

I find this whole idea strange, but fascinating (as I find many things on this blog). These dresses are so far removed from my everyday world that it is difficult for me to imagine whose world they belong too. The only thing in my life that I can relate to these creations are things I see on stage at the theater. Indeed, these dresses (costumes) are presented in a very theatrical way. The people on this stage, though, only have modeling talent. They won’t break out in song and dance as I wish they would or could.

In this set I imagine them suddenly doing Wagner. Maybe Tristan and Isolde:

The sun I could not see,
Nor land, nor people:
But what I saw,
Of that I nought can tell thee.
I was
Where once I drew my being,
Where once again I go:
The vasty realm

[The realm of couture?]