a site to see

At the moment I am mesmerized by this new Julian Red website. Check it out and turn up the volume when you have a quiet 5 minutes. It makes me want to be a boy, which is a difficult thing (actually, nightmare) to comprehend for a die hard femme comme moi. The Hoboken "Dark Dancer" jeans and Loveless top in the 9th section of this showcase are perfect for strolling the Swedish streets.

via minirobot


Anonymous said...

Hi I stumbled onto your blog through a friend of mine's (Gill) a couple months ago and I am totally addicted! Your writing is fabulous, and the things that you write about are always interesting, unique, and of course stylish! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work!

la femme said...

Thank you so much for the praise :) I really appreciate it.