romancing the tome

I take my university courses online to allow for greater time and travel freedom, but alas, exam week is upon me, and I must forego blogging for books- but only for a few days.

Next week I will be in Denmark with tales and images to post.

Thanks for bearing with me. See you soon.

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck in all your exams, Femme!

et said...

First LTMJ now you... at least you are only temporary, and I will get more work done.

Good luck with your studies.

Unknown said...

Good luck studying.

- said...

good luck, lady! my exams are there too...so soon, no time

fashionohlala said...

yuck exams... good luck!

enjoy denmark!!

About Me said...


I was just reading Goethe (speaking of romancing the tome) and he said "tome", and I thought... gosh, what a good word that nobody uses. Then I logged onto your site and, lo and behold...

You always impress and amaze. Bonne chance, A!