méduse moderne

This hairstyle (which took first place at the recent Dutch Coiffure Awards) is up there with last year's Amidala dress. I would love to know if these frequent visions of extraordinary futuristic avant garde actually takes off in the next centuries. For those who think this unlikely, just remember it wasn't so long ago that some women had 3 inch feet, while others dyed their teeth different colours. Perhaps it's just the hopeful medieval studies student in me, but I would welcome headpieces and rapunzel hair making a comeback in the future...


RD said...

I saw Pelleas and Melisande yesterday, not down out at the mall but indeed at the opera. There's a beautiful scene in which Melisande lets her hair hang down from the window. No, we can cannot underrate the power of a fine a do. Cheers, BB

Mes longs cheveux descendent jusqu'au seuil de la tour;
Mes cheveux vous attendent tout le long de la tour,
Et tout le long du jour,
Et tout le long du jour.

Oh! oh! qu'est-ce que c'est? tes cheveux, tes cheveux descendent vers moi!
Toute ta chevelure, Mélisande, toute ta chevelure est tombée de la tour!
(moins vite et passionnément contenu)
Je les tiens dans les mains, je les tiens dans la bouche…
Je les tiens dans le bras, je les mets autour de mon cou…
Je n'ouvrirai plus les mains cette nuit!

Claire said...

We have it so easy - I can't even walk in heels anymore or be doing with a constricting belt. And my dear, you've just been tageed by me.

Anonymous said...

when i was little, i had long hair, and the boys would pull on my braids calling me rapunzel! ouch! i guess it was because they liked me but i didn't know that then.

i think it's the wonderful part of being human, our need to adorn ourselves. if it weren't necessary we wouldn't have it in our culture, the need to look more fertile, more desireable. i wouldn't be suprised if technology would allow for these kinds of headdresses. after all, isn't that what jesssica simpsons' put-on-pieces is all about?

About Me said...

...and this is why I'm going to move to Holland. Soon.