>> And reboot like this glamourously goth femme, who manages to embody the coveted Paris Vogueishness of both Emmanuelle Alt (queen of stylists), and Carine Roitfeld (queen of forward falling hair) at the same time. An iota of colour might make this outfit more exciting, but --as we have learned from the French-- head to toe noir can be arresting enough on its own. Especially when the wearer's legs are 7 feet tall.

(I'm not obsessed with dark jackets, tights and booties or anything...)

Photo: Liverpool


Siru said...

she looks really cool

Susana Rodrigues said...

lol to be honest i'm into that style, so i kind of like it :) but she looks a little bit like the olsen twins!

la femme said...

lolita finn: yep, she does :)

stiletto effect: It's true, Ashley Olsen in particular seems to love the Rick Owens style, but at least this femme isn't doing anything freaky with her lips and eyes for the photo. The Olsen gaze gives me nightmares. Also, both Olsens stacked on top of each other would only come up to her waist.

RD said...

The bible of black may have been written in Paris, but it is religion in New York. I think color takes confidence, that and 7' legs, both of which I lack. BB

Carissa Duhamel said...

This photo makes me wish I was the type of girl that can pull off a leather jacket.

Café Mode said...

I want exactly the same jacket (and the same legs, if possible, thank you)!

brooke said...

yeah, very olsen-ish


Claire said...

I love the title of this post!