kit and caboodle

Admittedly, my daily miu miu is large, and able to contain the reading and observation material that I need 24/7, but it still looks like a handbag. These, however aren't handbags. As I Hate Generic puts it, this girl looks like she's from Lilliput and made off with a pochette from Brobdingnag.

If that is considered suitable for a night out clubbing, what do these ladies do when travelling? Book a whole Boeing for their luggage?

pic: facehunter


Anonymous said...

oooh that looks like a painful schelp.... perhaps she's spending the night at a friends house?

i'm not organzied enough to have a bag that size function... panic attacks occur each time my phone rings!

Maddy said...

Wow, you could smuggle a baby in there! Hell, you could smuggle twin babies in there. Although if you are carrying around two babies in your purse I may have to call the authorities.

Unknown said...

o my lord! I already get asked by my boyfriend's parents if I'm going on a trip carrying around my bag that barely fits my powerbook. I can't imagine one that size.

Clare said...

...she could totally fit into that bag! I'm surprised she can handle it while clubbing--how do you dance? (Or maybe it's too big to sneak out with without the owner knowing it's gone, in which case the bag is serving a purpose)

Susana Rodrigues said...

lol you just made me laugh with the "book a whole Boeing for their luggage?" hehe
She almost fits in the bag :)

Carissa Duhamel said...

When I saw this on FaceHunter I burst out laughing. Its so typical of something Yvan would photograph, but really, what was this girl thinking?

Bojana said...

She's either serious and then this is ridiculous or then maybe she's just being ironic and making fun of the big bag trend.