I'm in the midst of a few projects at the moment, planning a road trip in August, learning about glove making, and spending the wee hours in alleys to hunt for new graffiti. Blogging has to take a backseat this week while I try to catch up with offline life, but there are a few things to leave you with in the meantime...

// Painting the Town Red //

Valentino's 300 dress exhibit at the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome is open, and it looks spectacular. His creations are usually too opulent for me to appreciate, but the red gowns in this collection are stunning and remind me of the famous elephant scene in Moulin Rouge. I like the way Valentino's crimson clad mannequins have been grouped around the ancient Ara Pacis monument like an ecstatic Greek chorus.

// Guerilla Gardening //

As regular visitors know, street art is a passion for me second only to boots, so I was delighted to come across the work of posterchild, a Toronto stencil artist who erects little boxes of celosias in unlikely places all over town...

// Hello, Silver //

I walk by these Casadei boots almost every day and stand (in the words of my mother) "like a stunned, alien ostrich" gazing wistfully through the glass. Luckily, they've gone on sale and if fashion fate is on my side, there will still be a size 41 knocking around.

According to Casadei's website, "the latest collection communicates a return to the future, lived in the prism of a dazzling universe populated by galactic sirens who sing the opulence of metals..."

If you're into metallic footwear, the rest of this blurb is fun to read. Either the translation didn't quite work, or the company hires wild and dreamy writers.

// Making Plans for Nina //

In the past, cruise collections have never really captured my attention, but if I was a "galactic siren" as Casadei envisions its boot wearers to be, I think that I would wear Nina Ricci all summer long. The silvery dresses, paired with blue ombre stockings are an inspired combination. At least for this alien ostrich.

// And Finally... //
Vanity Fair's International Best Dressed List is out. Any favourites?
Happy August! See you soon.


Susana Rodrigues said...

the valentino exhibition must be great!
Have a nice August :)

About Me said...

It's weird how often Renee Zellweger makes the list. She's always predictably clad in Carolina Herrera.

I was going to put off posting on this because I couldn't decide who to choose, but I think I have to stick with Charlotte Gainsbourg. What about you?

la femme said...

I was thinking that about Renee Zellweger too. I've never been surprised or particularly impressed with her choices- but then I'm not crazy about Carolina Herrera.

I ditto your Gainsbourg. Tilda Swinton always looks otherworldly, but it's more about her presence than choice of dress...

patricia.no said...

Come back! Come back! Or at least have a great short time off and come back SOON.

FrugalFrenchie said...

The very first pictures are really fascinating !

RD said...


no less a word suffices, really. i scan the right margin of your travel plans and see nothing. i scan the blog looking for new posts and (rarely) see anything. i understand. really, i do. life itself intervenes. i know and love life itself. life itself is not always beautiful (though sometimes, and in such a heady way), it is not long-limbed, but it grabs you in a way that no 2-d text will.

//ingmar berman is dead.//

i know it's fashion but this deserves mention.

//antonioni is dead//

ibid, but see especially of course blow up.

//of course, i understand//

i too have been living life, in my own fashion (oops, that word again). not blogging. not commenting, but living the puccini version of life. tenors, sopranos, fat, singing their hearts out, and me shedding tears of joy and sadness.

//do not drink and blog.//

enough said. no more. basta. punto

RD said...

p.s. i was at the ara pacis last month. it has stood (actually stood, been destroyed, and cleverly reassembled) for 2000 years. it requires no valentino. valentino who? i would rather a dog piss on the venerable pile of stones.

p.p.s. apologies. too much bitterness in these comments. sorry. can't help myself. in the end, life-o-sphere impinges on blog-o-sphere. you are a ray of joy in the clouded world.

p.p.s. it (richard meier) is really quite a nice building. if only it didn't contain such a charged relic.

p.p.p.s. don't you love the italians? they are unembarrassed and shameless. but i am, by this little outburst. i stop here, begging your pardon, all for the sake of putative creative freedom.



Chloe said...

what I beautiful post ... wish I was in Rome.

Ivanka Trump always looks brilliant to me; a fresh flavour of business attire.

mahret said...

I'm really looking forward to see the graffiti things you'll discover. I'm planning two huge exhibition for next year right now, concerning urban art. One well bring a quite famous grafitti artist (well he's kind of beyond) into an established art institution (well it's not the first time for him, but...). We are really working hard on establishing urban art (it's on its way, but...). Second project will also include skateboard culture, inspired by Skateboardes in New York using sculptures - like the ones by Richard Serra - for skating...

Unknown said...

Learning about glovemaking? Are you taking a course, or do you have a book??

la femme said...

patricia: I will! Thanks for stopping by.

f-g s: :)

bb: You are gloriously eloquent, even when drunk.

...and don't worry, I have travel plans that aren't in the sidebar...

chloe: I agree. On both counts.

f&art: That sounds FANTASTIC.

ariane: No courses. I prefer trial and error :)

candid cool: Thanks.

candice said...

omg those boots are awsum!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow... lovely tidbits! those last stockings are splendid!!!!

happy aug.

Clare said...

I will be looking forward to news on handmade gloves! Not to mention I am now tempted to be all crafty again...... :)

Siru said...

That Valentino exhibit makes me curse the fact that I live far away from anything.

Gloria said...

whoa. count me sheltered but i've never seen leggings like those at Ricci's. those are gorg!

Anonymous said...

I love the Valentino exhibit, especially the red cubed structure and the Greek chorus theme (I happen to be a big fan of ancient Greek literature and mythology). The Armani exhibit in London a few years ago was sooo boring and normally I'd expect something boring from Valentino too, but I was pleasantly surprised by this! Cheers.

Mrs Fashion said...

If you, or I, had those boots we'd knock silly old Renee off her perch. *Drool*
Mrs F x

hollibobolli said...

mmmmm - someone just sent me your link in response to a "boot" question I asked. I was *just* looking at Casadei shoes Zappos 15 minutes ago (but did not see those silver ones - which, btw are fantastic).

I need to get off this blog immediately as this is exactly the type of thing that could keep me from packing.

maitresse said...

charlotte gainsbourg, for sure, forget ivanka and renee. but what was tilda swinton doing on the list? I adore her as an actress but as a fashion icon?

this post is gorgeous, btw. can't wait for you to have your own magazine.

la femme said...

Thank you xx

ilovesecondhandsmoke said...

A, you look incredibly pretty in that photo!

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

entertaining post:)

Unknown said...

I love those silver boots,they look gorgeous.