the return of rochas

When P&G closed the fashion side of Rochas in '06, I was heartbroken. The blow was softened somewhat after creative director Olivier Theyskens began designing for Nina Ricci, but it still seemed a shame for the house to be shut down on account of inspired demicouture that did not sell well in the ready-to-wear market. Fortunately, P&G has just licensed Rochas to Italian clothing manufacturer Gibo, and a collection is due in March '09.

Any guesses as to who the new creative director will be? Theyskens is a hard act to follow.

Source: WSJ


Female Action Star said...

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Anonymous said...

Fashion that sells - this is what stockholders are after. They don't care that the designs are nothing short of inspired or are the best ones to come along in years. They're only after the figures and if these are not in the black, then it's no go. Shame.

Siru said...

They can not use the fine name and put osme idiot to be the creative designer.

juliet xxx