side saddle, tea and dancing

The Victorian and Edwardian periods hold a particular fascination for me in terms of style and hair adornment. I have whole binders detailing the course of fashion from c. 1870 to 1914, and the first costume I attempted to recreate was the "swim" dress from Titanic:

(La Femme, Adelaide Hills, age 13)
I've been trying to do the grey suit from Moulin Rouge every since. So, it isn't suprising that I adored yesterday's Dior haute couture show. Adore may not be a strong enough word, but superlatives grow tiresome for the lesser obsessed, so I'll just post some photos, starting with the riding habits.

Remember this Vogue editorial with Natalia Vodianova? Sigh.

A 21st century Gibson girl. I have just now died and gone to heaven.

Galliano finished with ballgowns. A little over the top perhaps, but I'll take my swoons where I can get them. His colour palette is inspired. Some of the gowns featured rich combinations of seafoam and petrol, pink and wine, olive, mocha, raspberry...

...and of course I loved the snoods. The streets need more snoods. Check out Casey's blog for some classy 40s snood action.

Dita even smiled. A rare sight on camera. Barring Anna's head shake, I think this may be the test of a collection. Bravo!

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womens dresses said...

Great pictures! Wonderful costumes!

Anonymous said...

Those are some seriously dramatic eyebrows at the ballroom part Galliano show. Love it! And the girl in lace has a face like a porcelain doll...

Sofia Prado said...

The Gibson girl picture...I would like to drop everything for a week straight, curl up in a little ball, and daydream about wearing that everywhere.

Chloe said...

That's an amazing photo of the horses!


Great post! How could anyone forget that magnificent picture"?!

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