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I've been working hard lately, writing an endless stream of papers, and studying for finals. At last there is just one paper left, and following exams I am flying to Germany to decompress with my boyfriend in the Black Forest. On the off chance you are familiar with Freiburg, or small towns in Bavaria, please send me advice on places to visit! I've never been to the region and look forward to exploring.

Once this hump of schoolwork is done, I plan to update more often. In the meantime, here are a few images of Jeanne Lanvin's personal library in Paris. I don't think I've ever swooned so deeply at the contents of a room before in my life.

Images from The Selby


Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

Beautiful pictures!
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A said...

Hey there, nice blog!
I used to live in Germany, near Freiburg, and I studied abroad in Freiburg in 2008. It's a beautiful city...I miss it almost everyday. And now after thinking about it I miss it even more.
You should definitely visit the Muenster (Church)-they have very cute shops nearby plus the daily market in the mornings.
A great restaurant would be Greiffenegg-Schlössle. All the bakeries are great!
There are numerous boutiques to go shopping or big department stores such as Karstadt & H&M. At night go to the Kagan lounge-and of course there are other dance clubs...I fogot the names, but Freiburg has a major University and there are so many young people. There is always something to see and do.
I wish you a great trip. If you have some questions let me know. And please do blog about your experience.


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Beautiful photos! great blog, definitely following! Hope you can do the same.

xx - Lera

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Anonymous said...

Wow... very interesting ! where did you find those ? :)

cadeau saint valentin said...

Tres original..

artdecodiamonds said...

Love your blog.. wonderful!

imobiliarias alegrete said...

very good

artdecodiamonds said...

Love your vintage photo... wonderful!

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Your blog is my eye candy :) Love the posts and the pictures! Beautiful.

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