It starts today. Even though it is wet and grey outside now, the end is in sight. I hope the sun is out and flowers are blooming wherever you are. I can't wait for spring dresses...

(photo of our table - tulips are my favourite)


A said...

Yes to spring! Love the flowers, I just bought some at the store the other day ;)

PS: I wrote an interview about a great up and coming designer. Do check it out when you get a chance :) Would appreciate that.

Circle of Design Fashion Illustration

jennine said...

ah such beautiful tulips!

Teresa said...

I love Spring!


Bombay Beauty said...

Spring is lovely guest when she arrives, but sometime she lingers too long. I'm ready for summer. xo bb

Isabel said...

Beautiful flowers!

Have a look at my home grown sweet peas in full bloom on my blog:


joyanu said...

really love this i need this style look