purling for penguins

To the knitters out there, a worthy (and adorable) project:
The oil spill in New Zealand has soaked parts of the native blue penguin population, and rescuers are in need of little sweaters to protect the bird's feathers and prevent them from ingesting the toxic oil. Exact instructions for the size of sweater, as well as where to send them can be found here and here.

via Etsy, photo: Lela Nargi


Kimia Kline said...

this has to be the sweetest most heartbreaking project ive ever heard of.

Unknown said...

This is incredible!! I need to learn how to knit, immediately!


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is wonderful, I've never heard about that.. it's so sweet.
Everyone who is helping animals is admired by me!!

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Alana said...

what a great idea :)

rachel said...

Such a great (and adorable) project! I wish I could knit to help out.