from kimonos to ballgowns

Sayuri, the Japanese title for Memoirs of a Geisha, premiered in Japan today. I am especially excited to see the film because of the elaborate kimono ensembles worn by Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh. Here are the two actresses attending the premiere:

I'm not quite sure whether to like Zhang Ziyi's gown or not...

It looks a bit like a wedding cake... regardless, she looks beautiful

Michelle Yeoh is always stunning, both on film and in real life. I definitely want to look like her when I'm 43!

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Anonymous said...

do not like zhang ziyi's gown. makes her look like she sat down in the middle of a bird's nest tart.

i'm one of those ppl who gets in the nasty habit of not liking someone in all aspects once i decide i don't like them as a person, even if i've never met them. sometimes i have to force myself to say "ok, i hate her, but the dress is gorgeous" which i will occassionally do, usually under my breath.

i cannot, however, force myself to do that in this instance.

p.s. michelle yeoh is awesomeness. too very very thin nowadays. :-/