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I have a serious thing for long, dramatic earrings (i.e. to match Carrie Bradshaw's penchant for Manolos). I appreciate the beauty of necklaces, bracelets, and rings, but rarely wear them. Last year I was really into gold Indian earrings and this season, it's vivid gemstones. Anthony Nak (Anthony Camargo and Nak Armstrong, who won the 2005 Council of Fashion Designers Perry Ellis Award for best accessories) have created my new favourite jewelry line...

I love how the fine gold chains used in many of their designs are draped and spun into delicate nets that support the bright, ovoid jewels like gilded cradles..... most unfortunately, I can't afford one gem from an Anthony Nak earring, so I indulge my passion for colourful gemstone jewelry with the gorgeous range of earrings on tajtaj.com- if you like jewelry, you'll love this site- they have beautiful creations in every material, shape, colour and price imaginable.

Chandelier earrings: calcutta, pradesh, oberoi

Strings of briolettes: heaven, fathom, pink champagne

Other great sites offering affordable gemstone jewelry...

Arianny Dejesus, frozen bough earrings by Alexis Bittar, Zara X

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