feathers, furs and icicles

I saw The Chronicles of Narnia this weekend, and although I loved the books as a kid, my primary motivation for seeing the film adaptation was Tilda Swinton's portrayal of Jadis the White Witch. She was my favourite character in the book- as the Dec. 05 edition of Vogue magazine puts it: "the incarnation of evil disseminated beneath the sugar coating of Turkish delight" (pg. 352). And I have a thing for movie villains- from Anne Bancroft in The Graduate to Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill- sometimes I root for evil characters as much as the good ones (as long as they are well dressed of course...).

The dreadlocks and ice tipped eyelashes were inspired details...

Luckily, one need not venture into Narnia to see ice maiden couture- just check out Christian Lacroix's f/w 05 collection...

Would you care for some Turkish Delight?

sources: arts.telegraph, style