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Quite a few fashionettes must be swashbucklers at heart, as skull motifs can be found decorating clothing and accessories everywhere. Alexander Mcqueen's s/03 collection, and his wildly popular skull scarf seemed to jumpstart the pirate chic look. I first wrote about this trend last month, and since then I've noticed an ever increasing number of items adorned with the macabre little symbol... I'm not a big fan of skulls on my clothing, but this top from protoculture is very cute. Who can resist a little hardcore femininity?

Update: 21 December, 2005
According to Nylon's fashion director Frank de Jesus: "Skulls have become completely misapproriated. They're like Hello Kitty"

Hmmm. I'll reserve judgment until Pirates of the Caribbean II comes out- skulls are definitely preferable to Hello Kitty though.

sources: virgin threads, fwd

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Anonymous said...

I love skulls, but then I am a rock chick at heart. :P Now I put them together with more feminine outfits.