meet ramona...

she is slung over Jessica Alba's shoulder at the moment. In case Ramona hasn't entered into your must-have radar, she hails from Jimmy Choo's Theola line, and is my prediction for what will become the coveted bag of spring 2006. Or at least one of the top contenders. Fendi and Marc Jacob's offer stiff competition with their Spys and Stams. The Jimmy Choo ad campaign did not woo me, but this leather tote has done the job.

Due to the fact that women carry a vast array of things around on a daily basis, in my books, day bags should ideally fulfill these three requirements:
1. roomy
2. functional (closes and can be shoulder slung)
3. gorgeous

Therefore, I want the Ramona bag. Badly. Unfortunately, it costs $1850 USD. There is one on ebay for 1K, or you can pre-order one at Bergdorf for 2K (ouch)...

images: just jared, purse blog


Unknown said...

ahh it's bag love!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I would not complain if I had one of those ;) It appears to fulfill the three requirements alright!