Nicole Richie is fronting the new Jimmy Choo campaign. These ads are laughable. She has an angry/bizarre facial expression in every picture except for the poolside shot where a man is (inexplicably) wrenching her sideways.

Please bring back the supermodels.

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cleopatrajones said...

I can't agree with you more! I admit, I was on the Choo website desperately seeking where to buy a Ramona (damm you for posting about it!) and saw *her* - shock! Same reaction as when J Lo was the model for Vuitton - wrong! Richie - what does she do (act? sing? pose?) does not reflect my image of the house of Jimmy Choo: sophistication, style, elegance. I can't lose the image of her in dreadlocks, being locked up in rehab -- clutching a Ramona? NOT!