serving in style

I am extremely envious of the staff at Mario Batali's new restaurant Del Posto, as their uniforms have been designed by Narciso Rodriguez. How lucky can you get? I hope Louboutin is designing the shoes. In my past waitressing experience, I usually had to wear a black and white tux style ensemble, and would have been a very happy server if my outfit had looked like the one on Bianca at left.

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cleopatrajones said...

i would take the job just to get the outfit! My past waitressing regalia was not as fabulous as Del Posto's - especially the job at the "ribs" house requiring me to wear poly culottes and a striped blouse - the color of bbq sauce.

Unknown said...

Nice. I heard Chanel dresses some of the club personalities around here as well. It's product placement in action.