wild thing

It's time to unleash your animal instincts (fashionably of course...) and get yourself a leopard print coat for spring. I've been seeing a lot of spotted skirts, tops and dresses in the s/06 collections, but nothing oozes exotic glamour quite like a leopard print coat. It requires some confidence and attitude to wear well (bestride your block in leopard print, and you will better understand the meaning of animal magnetism), but for those prepared to release their inner wildcat, mix your spots with jeans, dark colours and killer heels (or channel Edie with flats) and smile serenely when the jaws drop. Which they most certainly will.


images: style, saribrett

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cleopatrajones said...

Of course Angelina Jolie (when did she become fashion-conscious anyway) looks good in anything: even a sandwich board would be fine, but, otherwise, yawn to animal prints unless they are naturally worn by the self-propelled animals themselves.