red shoe diaries

On a continuum of sombre to dull, the Kenneth Cole show that opened Olympus Fashion Week sits around the point of dullus extremus for me. Despite this, two outfits stood out as winners for fall:

1. Vlada's sheer dress/classic coat/red shoe ensemble (at left)

2. Inguna's emerald velvet dress with gold velvet shirred sash

See these and a few more pictures from the show at the fashion spot.


Anonymous said...

Its soo wierd, I have extremely similar red bootie shoes (like the one in the pic). And its almost crazy how versatile they are, from simply jeans and a tshit... to like a black pencil skirt they work.
Red shoes have been overlooked for too long.

trelif said...

"Dullus extremus" - hee. I posted earlier this evening how much I adored the KC show. : )

Viva la difference, right? I do love reading about all the other fashion bloggers' likes and dislikes.