vera's world

The models sashaying down the runway at Vera Wang were like watercolours come to life. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Mark Rothko's colourblock paintings had inspired the silk chiffon dresses in her fall/06 show (there are Rothko prints all over my shared apartment). The moody palette of greys- shot occasionally with blues and purples- was moody and gorgeous, and the flowing chiffon rippled with every step.


trelif said...

This is one of the collections I think I will love after I have given it time to settle in. I do appreciate that Vera is challenging the buyer a bit with these pieces. They are not immediately audience friendly, but there is something going on.

la femme said...

I wasn't crazy about the entire collection (some of the shapes were a bit odd...), but the chiffon dresses really captured me.

I'm glad you are staying open minded!