Dialogue between Tom Ford and André Leon Talley at the Met:

TF: "The whole thing about dressing to be comfortable makes me uncomfortable, he said. “Dressing is a form of manners and you should be proud of how you look and what you represent. You're inflicting yourself upon the world when you walk out the door. You're becoming part of an environment, you should take pride in that."

ALT: "Lee Radziwill told me that she and her sister (Jackie O) used to get their hair done up by (Mister) Kenneth before a plane ride,” he said. “They'd bring their best handbags and wear gloves. Do you like the way people look at airports today?”

TF: "No, of course not!"

Couldn't agree more.

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source: The Daily


New Yorkaise said...

Ah, so true! Travel is so glamarous in theory, and then you have to go and watch the ugg and sweatshirt parade. I love chic travel.

Anonymous said...

I asked my grandma about Kenneth and she said he was one of the only smart men she had ever met. "Also he was in the army, so he did as was told"

I don't like how people look at all today. You see people in curlers driving down the streets and at grocery stores. They have no shame.