pea in the pod

I was flipping through the latest issue of strut magazine when I came to a stop at the editorial spread "Deliverance". It caught me by surprise because rather than the usual ultra thin femme dancing around for the camera, the model they had chosen was very pregnant. Not only that, but a number of the shots emphasized her full term belly as a beautiful- even fashionable- subject. I love regular models, but it was great to see a pregnant woman in a fashion editorial for a change.

Thus, inspired by the fashionable bumpage, I went rooting around to see the home made maternity clothes of my ever-chic grandmother...

Pregnant with #1:

and #2:


Kochukandhari said...

oh your grandmother is beautiful!

M said...

That pregnant profile reminded me of this Klimt painting, Hope 1903: http://differnet.com/experience/1klimt-hope1.jpg

Your grandmother looked so stylish!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

chic is right, elegant and covers well her pregnancy!
Demi Moore still holds the pregnant chic look best on the cover where she was nude and yet fully dressed with beauty!