vrai ou faux?

Petrol is my fave- what about you?


Claire said...

Bill Cunningham still really is the king - I love the Sartorialist and Facehunter too but Bill, who must be about 100 by now still has the edge.
My friend bought a dodgy black MJ Stam bag on ebay. It was supposed to be real but when we went to the MJ store we hid it just in case it was a really bad copy and they could tell. But it was identical. I think the zip fell off two days later though!
I don't really like them, I like the hobo bags though, in petrol bien sur...

Anonymous said...

I love the white!
Your blog is very interesting!
Sorry for my poor english but i'm french.
I've got a blog too:it's about fashion,trends,shows..


Anonymous said...

My fave is black. It has that classic Chanel chain bag feel to it. Confession - I have an extremely good copy.